Dedicated to Building Shared Understanding of Wicked Problems

What is a Designated Partner?
Issue and Dialogue Mapping are highly effective tools used to work through complex and Wicked Problems. When used effectively, they allow for shared understanding of a problem so that collaboration, robust decision making and forward movement can occur.
Designated Partners of CogNexus are organizations who have been trained in – and have a substantial grasp on – both the theory and practice of Issue and Dialogue Mapping. They use Issue and Dialogue Mapping as a regular part of their services at a standard that CogNexus wholeheartedly endorses.
We also are in a collaborative relationship with our Designated Partners. We work together to “spread the word” about using Issue and Dialogue Mapping to solve complex and Wicked Problems.
Designated Partners

CogNexus Institute is pleased to select Seven Sigma Business Solutions as a Designated Partner and the first approved external source of Issue Mapping training in the world!

Seven Sigma, an Australian-based technology and advisory practice, works with its clients to enhance business productivity and performance by bridging the gap between technology and strategic decision making.

As a Designated Partner, the Principals and primary client contacts at Seven Sigma have been well-trained in the art of Issue and Dialogue Mapping and have a deep and substantial understanding of confronting Problem Wickedness to move through it.

Seven Sigma uses Issue and Dialogue Mapping on a regular basis and has a proven track record of project success using these methodologies.

Along with substantial training and broad client experience, Seven Sigma’s understanding of Issue and Dialogue Mapping means that when it works with these tools it upholds the intellectual integrity of CogNexus’ teachings that drive project success and enable shared understanding, collaboration and robust decisions that last.

Check out Seven Sigma's events list for information about upcoming Issue Mapping training.

Find out more about why Paul Culmsee of Seven Sigma thinks that shared understanding is the Holy Grail of project success and IBIS and Issue Mapping are the tools to create it in his recent blog series, The One Best Practice To Rule Them All!
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