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"Gave me a new way to approach thinking about questions and problems. Gave me some hope that there are some ways to improve the world I live and work in."
J.K., US Government Agency

"I can't resist telling you again how great your contribution was to the workshop. I'm absolutely a convert to Dialogue Mapping/QuestMap and cannot wait to train everybody in my shop who facilitates meetings. It's a wonderful tool, and in your expert facilitator hands, it's a marvel."
A Bay Area client

"Your seminar was extremely helpful to each of us, and I know we'll be discussing it as a management team and strategizing how best to use the dialog mapping techniques to help us in the future. Your energy, experience, and wisdom went a long way in making the day a terrific one!"
FAA Manager

“Learning that there is more than what is on the surface in any conversation and being able to identify the issues behind interactions was the primary value of the course for me. I already feel I pay more attention to the real content of conversations.”
Luis Matos

“The class was a great introduction to IBIS and Compendium.  These are very good tools to use for laying out problems, understanding the involved parties’ positions, and finding insightful solutions.  It helps to flesh out hidden assumptions and to make the information easily accessible, either in a meeting or offline.”
Keith Walker
Software Engineer

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