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Articles, papers, and books on Wicked Problems 

Chanpory Rith and Hugh Dubberly

Angela Wilkinson and Rafael Ramirez

Commander Bernie McMahon, US Navy

Rob Knapp
Evergreen State College

Simon Buckingham Shum
Communications of the ACM, April 2007, Vol. 50
Peter J. Denning

Robert E. Horn

John Warfield’s cognitive perspective

Bruce Shindler and Lori Cramer

Susan Gasson

Mary Poppendieck

Nathan Hodge and Sharon Weinberger, on Slate

Tom Ritchey

Dave Pollard's blog, Oct. 12, 2005

Carol Anne Ogdin, Deep Woods Technologies

David A. Bella, Jonathan B. King, & David Kailin

Annemieke Stoppelenburg and Hans Vermaak, Twynstra Management Consultants

Eileen Rubery, Judge Institute of Management, Cambridge University, UK

Jerry Talley's website

Jeff Atwood

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